Rose Lavelle Net Worth: Kicking Goals to Riches

Rose Lavelle’s net worth is around $1 million. This talented midfielder has made a significant impact on women’s soccer.

Rose Lavelle has become a household name in soccer, renowned for her skilful play and dynamic presence on the field. Her success on the international stage, particularly with the U. S. Women’s National Team, has escalated her to stardom.

Lavelle’s contributions to the sport include critical performances in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, where she helped secure victories and earned recognition for her exceptional talent. Her journey from youth soccer leagues to becoming a professional player with the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has inspired many young athletes. With endorsements and her professional salary combined, Lavelle’s financial portfolio reflects her rising influence in the sport. Her remarkable abilities, marketability, and the growing popularity of women’s soccer continue to serve as pillars that strengthen Rose Lavelle’s net worth and prestige.

Rose Lavelle’s Bio

Category Details
Full Name Rosemary Kathleen Lavelle
Date of Birth May 14, 1995 (age 28)
Place of Birth Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Position Midfielder
Current Team NJ/NY Gotham FC
Youth Career Sycamore United, Cincinnati United
College Career Wisconsin Badgers (2013–2016)
Professional Career – Boston Breakers (2017)

– Washington Spirit (2018–2020)

– Manchester City (2020–2021)

– OL Reign (2021–2023)

– NJ/NY Gotham FC (2024–present)

International Career – United States U18 (2013)

– United States U20 (2013–2014)

– United States U23 (2015–2016)

– United States (2017–present)

Achievements – 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup (Bronze Ball)

– 2020 Tokyo Olympics (Bronze Medal)

– 2019 FIFA FIFPro World XI (2019)

Net Worth Estimated to be around $1 million

Rose Lavelle Net Worth: Kicking Goals to Riches

Rose Lavelle’s Rise In Soccer

Specific names resonate with brilliance in the world of women’s soccer. Rose Lavelle indeed stands out as one of them. Her journey to soccer stardom captures the hearts of fans globally. Let’s dive into the life of this soccer sensation and discover what makes her such an extraordinary athlete.

Early Life And Passion For Soccer

Rose Lavelle was born with a soccer ball at her feet. Since her childhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lavelle’s love for the game was evident. At just five years old, she started playing soccer and quickly stood out for her remarkable skills.

  • Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • First touch: Age 5
  • Youth clubs: Cincinnati United Premier Soccer Club, Mount Notre Dame High School

College Soccer And Path To Professional Career

Lavelle’s excellence followed her to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, her collegiate soccer career was nothing short of stellar.

Years University Achievements
2013-2016 University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • All-Big Ten honours in each season
  • Big Ten Midfielder of the Year

After her college career, Lavelle quickly transitioned to the professional scene. Her drafting by the Boston Breakers in 2017 marked the beginning of her professional era. With impressive stats and an unmatched play style, Lavelle is now a world-class midfielder, setting the field on fire with her ingenuity.

Professional Achievements

Exploring the professional heights scaled by Rose Lavelle clarifies her soccer stardom. Her journey resembles a trophy-laden adventure that every budding soccer player dreams of. Discussing her net worth is complete with a peek into her on-field victories.

Rose Lavelle Net Worth: Kicking Goals to Riches

National Women’s Soccer League Success

Rose Lavelle has been a shining star in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Her fleet-footed play and creativity in midfield have won games and hearts alike.

  • The Boston Breakers drafted them in the first round of the 2017 NWSL College Draft.
  • She joined Washington Spirit, showcasing skilful performances.
  • Their strong presence at OL Reign emphasized her league dominance.

International Glory With The Uswnt

Rose Lavelle‘s ascent on the international stage is nothing short of meteoric. She wears the USWNT jersey with a blend of pride and prowess.

Year Achievement
2015 Made her senior debut for USWNT
2019 Scored in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final
2020 Olympic Bronze medalist

Her pinpoint passing and goal-scoring knack led the USWNT to illustrious wins. The World Cup victory in 2019 was a testament to her international glory. The match-winning goal secured her a spot in soccer history books.

Lavelle’s Net Worth Journey

Rose Lavelle has made a significant impact on and off the soccer field. Her performance has turned heads, and her financial journey is just as striking. We’re diving into this world-class athlete’s net worth, exploring how she’s built her wealth through skilful play and intelligent partnerships.

Earnings Through Soccer Contracts

Lavelle’s primary source of income is her soccer prowess. Her contracts have reflected her growing stature in the sport from her early days to her current status.

  • College star to professional leap
  • Increase in value with each contract

Notably, she has played for various clubs, including the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and her current club, OL Reign.

Endorsement Deals And Sponsorships

Off the field, Lavelle’s reach extends through various brand partnerships and endorsements.

Shoe deals, sportswear ads, and commercials add a significant chunk to her wealth.

  1. Key sponsorships with global brands
  2. Collaborations with soccer-related products
  3. Media appearances increasing her market value

Her marketable persona and outstanding talent have made her a favourite among sponsors.

Comparative Wealth In Women’s Soccer

Exploring the financial landscape of women’s soccer reveals a tapestry of earnings. Each player’s financial success can vary widely. For instance, Rose Lavelle has captured attention in the field and in assessing her net worth.

Lavelle Against Her Peers

Rose Lavelle stands out as a shining talent in women’s soccer. Her skill translates into endorsements and contracts, impacting her net worth. Let’s see how she fares against her fellow soccer professionals:

Add more rows as required

Player Net Worth Notable Income Sources
Rose Lavelle $1.5 million (approx.) Club salary, Endorsements, National team bonuses
Alex Morgan $3 million Club salary, Endorsements, Writing

Endorsements play a vital role in supplementing Lavelle’s income. Compared to her peers, she maintains a competitive but modest financial stature.

Gender Pay Gap In Soccer

In soccer, the pay gap between genders is a long-standing issue. Women’s earnings often lag significantly behind their male counterparts. Consider the following:

  • The highest-paid female soccer player’s earnings pale compared to the highest-paid male players.
  • Women’s national team successes sometimes translate to equal pay.
  • Sponsorship deals and media rights showcase a disparity in the value placed on women’s games.

Rose Lavelle and her colleagues advocate for equitable pay. Progress has been made, but gaps remain. The journey towards equal recognition and reward in soccer continues.

Investments And Financial Decisions

Rose Lavelle shines not only on the soccer field but also in the complex financial planning game. Her net worth reflects smart choices beyond the soccer pitch. Exploring this soccer star’s investments and financial decisions reveals a roadmap for financial savviness.

Smart Money Moves Off The Pitch

Lavelle balances her soccer prowess with wise financial moves. Off the field, she prioritizes investments that promise long-term growth. She opts for diversity to secure her future. This includes stocks, real estate, and retirement funds. Here are her noteworthy investment areas:

  • Stock market investments that spread risk and offer potential returns
  • Real estate holdings that provide steady income and appreciate over time
  • Retirement accounts to harness the power of compound interest

Rose Lavelle’s Business Ventures

Beyond traditional investments, Lavelle explores business opportunities. She invests in ventures she’s passionate about. She backs companies that align with her values. Her business ventures include:

Business Type Interest Alignment
Sports Clinics Soccer Education Youth Development
Apparel Branding Merchandise Athletic Lifestyle
Nutrition Products Health Supplements Wellness & Fitness

Rose Lavelle carefully selects her business endeavours to reflect her commitment to excellence and empowerment. Her financial portfolio extends well beyond the soccer field, marking her as an investor to watch.

Charity And Advocacy

When it comes to giving back, Rose Lavelle is a leading figure. Her involvement in various charitable causes is commendable. Through her success, Lavelle has never forgotten the importance of generosity and support for others. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the game, she passionately advocates for gender equality in sports. Her actions reflect her values, making her a role model on and off the field.

Philanthropic Efforts

Rose Lavelle’s philanthropic spirit shines brightly. She has participated in:

  • Soccer clinics – empowering young athletes.
  • Charity matches – raising funds for noble causes.
  • Donations – generous contributions to charitable organizations.

These efforts extend her impact beyond soccer, aiding those in need.

Role As A Women’s Sports Advocate

Rose Lavelle is a vocal advocate for women in sports. Her advocacy work involves:

  1. Promoting equal pay in women’s sports.
  2. Supporting policies to improve training facilities for female athletes.
  3. Encouraging media to cover women’s sports extensively.

Lavelle’s efforts help elevate the profile and support for women athletes worldwide.

Lifestyle And Spending

Exploring Rose Lavelle’s ‘Lifestyle and Spending’ reveals much about the soccer star. Rose Lavelle, a prominent woman in soccer, has captured attention with her exceptional skills and modest lifestyle. Despite having substantial earnings, her spending habits reflect a grounded personality. Let’s dive into how she balances her life and where she invests her hard-earned money.

Living A Balanced Life

Rose Lavelle knows the importance of balance. Balancing a professional career and personal time is crucial for her well-being. She prioritizes both rest and training to maintain peak performance. She spends on quality nutrition and fitness and often invests in experiences, such as travel, rather than extravagant items. Rose also actively participates in charity work, allocating a portion of her wealth to help others.

Real Estate And Personal Investments

Rose Lavelle appears cautious with her investments. She has yet to splurge on opulent mansions or excessive lifestyles. Instead, she opts for comfort and practicality in her housing decisions. Information about her real estate holdings remains private, illustrating her preference for discretion. Rose may explore other investment opportunities outside the property to secure her financial future, although specifics remain undisclosed.

Rose Lavelle’s Potential Spending Breakdown
Category Percentage
Nutrition and Health 25%
Training and Equipment 20%
Travel and Leisure 15%
Charity 10%
Savings and Investments 30%

The Future Of Rose Lavelle’s Wealth

Rose Lavelle’s wealth could soar with her growing popularity. As a rising star in women’s soccer, she has begun to carve her niche. Fans and brands have taken notice. This raises an intriguing question: what does the future hold for her finances?

Potential Growth With Rising Fame

Lavelle’s talent on the soccer field is no secret. With each goal, her star power spikes. This can lead to lucrative endorsement deals and sponsorships. With success in tournaments, her market value may surge. Clubs across the world could bid for her presence. This creates a solid foundation for financial growth. Let’s break down the possible sources for her income increase:

  • Brand Endorsements: Winning plays can translate into brand deals.
  • Salary Raises: Her club may offer a heftier paycheck for her skills.
  • Media Appearances: Interview requests could bring extra income.
  • Soccer Clinics: Hosting events can pad her earnings.

Preparing For Financial Security Post-career

Long-term security matters as much as current earnings. Lavelle must plan beyond her playing days. Investments, savings, and retirement funds are critical. She may explore avenues like:

  1. Financial Advisors: They ensure intelligent money moves.
  2. Business Ventures: Owning a business can offer a stable income.
  3. Coaching: Sharing her expertise could be profitable.
  4. Speaking Engagements: Her experience is valuable in speaking circuits.

Prudent planning will allow her to enjoy the fruits of her career for years. Her legacy will go beyond the pitch.

Social Media Profile

Platform Link
Twitter Rose Lavelle on Twitter
Instagram Rose Lavelle on Instagram
Facebook Rose Lavelle on Facebook


Summing up Rose Lavelle’s financial achievements, her net worth reflects her soccer prowess and marketability. Admirers and aspiring athletes can view her success as a testament to hard work and talent in women’s sports. Watch her career with interest, as her value promises to grow with each game.


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